Female Soccer Players

Atkins Recreational Program


For only $40 spring/fall and $50 for winter sign up for 5 weeks of playing and coaching from Iowa Raptors FC players and licensed coaches

Free Iowa Raptors FC Tickets

Signup does include free season tickets to the Iowa Raptors men’s and women’s semi pro teams at prairie highschool from May-august as well as season ticket holder perks, including parents 50% off tickets and 15% off Iowa Raptors Gear 

Multi-Child Discount

Discount- MultiChild and Year Round --Receive 10% off your total for 3 or more Children, or for Year round signup

Financial Assistance

For those needing financial assistance to participate we do have a non for profit and we will be going after grants and donations to help. Please reach out to us directly if and ONLY if you cannot afford the normal price

No Balls Needed

NO BALLS NEEDED, cut the expense of a ball, or having to find it before you go to practice, all soccer balls and equipment needed will be provided! 


Week 5 will be a playoff week without a clinic and teams will play until they lose or win the championship. Standing will be kept for the Regular Season.  Winning Teams Will Be Recognized at an Iowa Raptors FC Game.