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Iowa Raptors Youth Development Program

Iowa Raptors Youth Development Program helps unify youth soccer and produce the best athletes and soccer players out of Benton County and Iowa. 

Time & Location:


Atkins Soccer Fields
6 Weeks Total. Last week Playoffs




$40 / Person for Spring/Fall
First 40 NEW Sign-ups for Fall get a Free Uniform Package


Perks (included in sign-up)

Free Season Tickets to Iowa Raptors Men's & Women's Team Games @ Prairie High School (May - August)

50% Off Tickets for Parents
50% Off M2 Indoor Tickets at the Alliant Powerhouse

15% Off Iowa Raptors FC Gear

Additional Info

Free Extra Training's on Wednesday's
$10 Extra Group Training on Monday's

No Balls Needed

Sign Up Does Not Include Uniforms - 1 Time Initial Fee ($50 / Person)

Uniform Fee Includes 2 Iowa Raptors FC Dry-Fit shirts, shorts and socks

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Financial Assistance

Those needing financial assistance to participate we do have a non for profit and we will be going after grants and donations to help. Please reach out to us directly if and ONLY if you cannot afford the normal price.

Sign up 3 or more kids online and receive $5 back per kid.

Find more information on the flyer or you can email with any questions.

Sign Up For Spring Here

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