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Feeding The Animals of CVHS

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

INTERESTING FACT- The Cedar Valley Humane Society helps thousands of pets per year, that would otherwise have to be taken from their HOMES when people temporary lose jobs, or times are tough and they don't have money to feed their loved ones. Cedar Valley Humane Society is a private nonprofit animal shelter. They are majority funded from donations.

Due to Coronavirus and all the layoffs, there is more people now than ever unable to feed their pets, and in turn pets are in danger of losing their HOME. 

Iowa Raptors has just donated over 1,000lbs of dog and cat food to the Cedar Valley Humane Society to help this cause. Members of the community who have lost their jobs and are struggling to afford to feed their pets can contact the Cedar Valley Human Society for relief. They will provide a bag of pet food to take home and come and refill when you are empty, within reason.

To learn more about the Cedar Valley Humane Society click the link below and check out their page.

We challenge you all to help everyone's pets keep their homes! Every little bit helps. 


1) Contact your local animal shelter and arrange with them to donate a bag of pet food. (any little bit helps) OR do anything that helps stop the spread (donate to any cause, wear a mask, find an activity that keeps you home, etc) 2) Take a picture or video, and tag us on your post on any social media.

3) Use the Hashtag #RaptorRelief in your post


$25 Sams Club Gift card + $25 cash totaling $50 to be used on a Sam's Club visit. We will send a Raptors player to occupy you on your Sam's club experience!

BONUS Tagging on multiple social media platforms gets you multiple entries!


Sunday, April 26th at 11:59pm


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