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Iowa Raptors Atkins Recreational Program is here!

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

The Iowa Raptors FC are excited to partner with BC Sports to announce the Atkins Recreational Program. As part of Iowa Raptors FC’s goal to bring high quality soccer leagues and tournaments to Eastern Iowa area, the Atkins Recreational Program has been created. The purpose of this recreational program is to provide an opportunity for the participants to have fun, learn the sport and develop life skills including a lifelong love of the game at a price point that is accessible to everyone.

With a tentative start date of March 19th, pending weather, the program is set to begin in the Spring of 2022 and will run for 6 weeks every year in the Spring, Fall, Summer and Winter. Players will receive coaching from licensed coaches and Iowa Raptors FC players. The program will cut the expense of a soccer ball, or hassle having to find it before you go to practice, all soccer balls and equipment needed will be provided at trainings and games. Standings will be kept for the regular season. Week 6 will be used as a playoff week without a clinic and teams will play until they lose or win the championship. The Champions will be recognized at an Iowa Raptors FC game.

Sign-up will include free season tickets to the Iowa Raptors men’s and women’s semi-pro teams at Prairie High School from May-August. The program will offer discounts for multi-child. Through our non-profit we will be going after grants and donations in order to make funds available for those needing financial assistance to participate in the program.

For more details or questions please visits us at


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