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La Regia Taqueria joins the Family

The Iowa Raptors FC would like to welcome La Regia Taqueria to the family as a sponsor for the 2022 season!

La Regia Taqueria is a restaurant that specializes in delicious tacos, as their name suggests. Their name is a throwback to their first foray into the food business as they invested in a food truck and served tacos on the streets of Iowa.

Mobility brought them closer to their customers, as it suited their young business. However, their dream was always to open a restaurant where their customers could sit together with their family and friends, all of them enjoying a mouthwatering spread of Mexican dishes. Just after two years of serving Mexican food from their trusty taco truck, they made that dream a reality. Their restaurant is the product of years of diligence and persistence. Having achieved this goal, they looked forward to setting a new one: Making La Regia Taqueria the restaurant Iowans go to whenever they crave Mexican food.

They expanded their menu to include other popular Mexican comfort food, like burritos, tortas, and quesadillas. Customers can now enjoy hearty combo dishes featuring favorites, like fried and saucy meats, rice, and beans. Their vegetarian and seafood menus soon followed. Now, they also offer a catering service and taco trucks for events and parties!

Check out their website here:

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