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HowMoneyWorks joins the Raptors Family

The Iowa Raptors FC would like to welcome HowMoneyWorks to the family as a sponsor of the 2022 season!

Jeffery Dancer, a HowMoneyWorks Educator, stated the following, “I teach people HowMoneyWorks. It’s a life-skill not taught in schools. You don’t learn it from your friends, family or co-workers... That’s where I come in. As a HowMoneyWorks Educator, my goal is to break the cycle of endless debt, foolish spending, and financial cluelessness so you can stop being a sucker, start being a student, and take control of your financial future."

Checkout Jeffery Dancer's website: to request a free

HowMoneyWorks Book.

If interested, click on the link below to easily set up a time to meet with Jeff one on one where a free and custom-tailored Financial Needs Roadmap will be provided to put you on the road for financial success:


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