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J&K Construction, Remodeling and Design joins as Official Tile and Remodeling Company!

The Iowa Raptors FC would like to announce J&K Construction, Remodeling and Design as our Official Tile and Remodeling Company on a 2-year deal. We are excited that J&K Construction, another successful company in Eastern Iowa joins our already strong list of sponsors. Raptors is excited to keep growing the list of successful sponsors for this upcoming season.

J&K Construction is a very professional and experienced company capable of producing high quality construction and home & business remodeling projects. At J&K, professionals will provide you with ideas and solutions for your construction & remodeling needs. Add or improve a space in your home or business in the Cedar Rapids or surrounding areas by hiring J&K Construction, Remodeling and Design to complete your projects.

For more information please visit J&K Construction, Remodeling and Design on Facebook and Instagram. There you will be able to view some photos of their amazing work and find more information on how to contact them for their services.

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