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Raptors Find the Midas Touch in Penultimate Home Stand

Raptors Find Midas Touch in Penultimate Home Stand

Cedar Rapids- In my young career as an Iowa Raptors journalist, I can confidently say that this past Sunday’s performance by the eleven young men that took the pitch was the most dominant that this Raptor’s side has looked over this long summer season. It was a complete masterclass from top to bottom as the Raptors lived up to their name sake, hunting opportunities on the offensive third of the field ending in a 5-1 demolition of the Windy City side. One can rarely say that a five-one victory could have been worse than the ending score line, but lightning struck Clark field Sunday afternoon as it was in fact a match reminiscent of Greek Mythology where everything the Iowa Raptors touched turned into gold.

From the first minute of play, spectators watched the Cedar Rapids side create chance after chance. It was evident that City had no answers and were hanging on seemingly waiting to watch the first goal ripple in the back of their own net. It was only a matter of time until the score line reflected the game flow that was visible to all that were spectating. The inevitable came to fruition in the 40th minute as midfielder Ivan Trelles floated into open space near City’s 10-yard line waiting for a delivery from winger Keaton Woods. Woods delivered the cross with whip and pace off of the post, landing in the lap of Trelles who was keen on opening the scoring floodgates on this beautiful match day by belting the ball on the half-volley into the top of the net. 1-0 Raptors.

The next thirty-five minutes after halftime was what can only be described as a surgical decimation of Chicago City. They were seemingly bystanders to their own routing as within a blink of an eye Zach Reget, Raptors’ holding midfielder, scored a wonder goal from forty-five yards out deflating the opposition. Just five minutes later, league-leading goal scorer Keaton Woods put his head down on the fifty-yard line and dissected every level of the Chicago City defense, then smoothly put the ball away in the bottom corner like butter on hot toast. Woods and Reget have been the players that the Raptors rely on when in need of quick offense and game management experience. Everything was going right that even a debut goal scorer for the Raptors clinically put away his sole opportunity as a super-sub in the final ten minutes. One could call it the nail in the coffin for the Iowa Raptors on this sublime match-day. Good game and good night Chicago City.

As a high-level athlete in my own right, I have to applaud the mental turn around that this Raptors side was able to produce mid-season. Whether you credit it to the coaching staff or the players getting a few games under their belt to help with chemistry and cohesion, one thing is clear. The Iowa Raptors are turning into a perennial MWPL dynasty. This team is saturated with talent, and as soon as the talent is pointed in the right direction this organization is capable of winning a national title every season if they are committed to building a healthy and stable culture throughout all levels of this Cedar Rapids futbol club.

Iowa Raptors vs Chicago City: MWPL Penultimate Home Stand


Rami Scheetz- Iowa Raptors Journalist



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