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Shelly’s Sweets Joins the Raptors Family as Restaurant Program, and First Indoor Dasher

The Iowa Raptors FC are very happy to announce Shelley’s Sweets as an addition to the Restaurant Program Sponsor, as well as our first ever Indoor Facility Dasher Board Sponsor!

Shelley’s Sweets is located in Newhall, Iowa. Shelly's Sweets is a family-owned business that began in the founder's home kitchen over 20 years ago. At Shelly's Sweets, they use family recipes and quality ingredients to make sure you get the most delicious treats possible. Their menu includes a wide variety of options including baked good such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pies, and cheesecakes completely from scratch. Over the years Shelly’s Sweets have increased their menu options to now include, pizza, sandwiches, and ice cream! The staff at Shelley’s Sweets is equipped with enough experience to handle special request that are not on their menu.

To check out what specials are posted daily please visit their Facebook page, and for all other information on their menu items visit them on their page


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